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Welcome to School of Physics and Electronics, Henan University

The School of Physics and Electronics was founded in 1923. Its predecessor was the Department of mathematics and physics in the period of Zhongzhou University. Since the mid-1980s, the construction of specialties and disciplines has been developing rapidly. In 1998, the Solid Surface Research Laboratory was established, and the Key Laboratory of Special Functional Materials of Henan University (now the Key Laboratory of Special Functional Materials of the Ministry of Education) was established. In April 2002, the Physics Department of the former Kaifeng Teachers College was incorporated into the Department of Physics of Henan University, and the School of Physics and Information Photonics was established. In 2003, the school moved from the Minglun Campus of Henan University to the Jinming Campus. In November 2006, it was renamed the School of Physics and Electronics. In 2012, it was selected as the first research institute of Henan University.

In the history of running the school for nearly a hundred years, generations of physicists have been dedicated, motivated, realistic and innovative, constantly leading the discipline construction, serving the social development, promoting the progress of science and technology, and advancing bravely towards the goal of "Double First-class" construction. .... read more

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