Introduce of Physics and Electronics Colledge's Henan University

publish date:  May 21, 2018 12:53

The department of Physics and Electronics, founded in 1923 and rebuilt in 1959, is one of the departments setting up earlier in the Henan University. There are a number of physicists and famous scholars teaching here from the beginning. Since the mid - 1980 - s, the major and discipline construction get rapid development. However, to meet the needs of major development and discipline establishment, the department was founded as the Physical and Information Institute of Optoelectronics in 2002. After that it moved from old Minglun campus to the current Jinming one, which formed in the new department of Physics and Electronics in 2006.Moreover, in 2012, our department was selected as a research institute of Henan University.

Apart from the long history, the cultivation system is complete. The physics, electronic science and technology, optical engineering and some other disciplines are regarded as the key and special disciplines of Henan province. We have the level 1 discipline of physics postdoctoral scientific research and condensed matter physics doctoral degree, and three first level master degree programs, namely, physics, optical engineering as well as electronic science and technology, and there are also 12 master degree programs in the second level discipline.

For the undergraduate study, our department has four majors: physics, measurement and control technology, communication engineering and electronic science and technology. Among them the communication engineering is the pilot major for training outstanding engineers. Both the branched major aviation equipment detection and maintenance and the communication engineering are two international cooperative majors for undergraduate study. Furthermore, we also have electronic intership training, general physics, electronic and electrical and other three Henan University experimental teaching demonstration center.

More importantly, the department has a professional teaching team based on young and middle-aged staff with high level educational background. There are 150 staff in total, of which 2 double engaged academicians, 1 part-time professor with changjiang scholar, 1 outstanding national-level professor, 3 distinguished professors at the provincial-level, 4 university qualified professors, 2 Yellow River scholars, 2 specialists who enjoy government allowances, 3 new century excellent researchers, 15 doctoral supervisors, 18 technical academic leaders elect by the department of Education in Henan province . Seventy percent full-time teaching staff have doctoral degree, and a third of them have overseas education background and visiting experience.

Our department also has very strong scientific research strength with a couple of key laboratories. Particularly, they are Optoelectronic Materials and Devices Key Laboratory, Photovoltaic Material Key Laboratory in Henan province, Henan Optoelectronic Information Materials and Device Key Discipline Open Laboratory, Measurement and Control Electronic Technology Laboratory in Henan University, and Henan University Electronic Ceramics and Device Research Centre. Moreover, the scientific research projects have achieved fruitful results. In the past three years, our staff have undertaken 25 national funded projects and published 253 academic papers in SCI.

Lastly, our graduates have prospective careers as nearly half of them have the opportunity to continue their study either in domestic or overseas top universities for the master and PHD degree. While another 50% choose to work in the administrative organizations, schools, enterprises, and other research institutions. Overall, the postgraduate employment rate is 100%.