Photoelectric materials and devices education ministry key laboratory training base Laboratory overview

publish date:  05/27/2018 03:46 PM

This laboratory mainly relies on the condensed matter physics, optics, microelectronics, solid state electronics and theoretical physics of the school of physics and electronics, Henan University. At the same time, it intersects with optical engineering, electronic science and technology. The laboratory is mainly composed of optoelectronic information materials and device key discipline laboratory of colleges and universities in Henan province and Henan Provincial Key Laboratory of Photovoltaic Materials. At present, the research mainly focuses on three directions: photoelectric conversion materials as well as solar energy utilization, photoelectric information materials and devices, and photoelectric material simulation and design. The laboratory covers an area of 3,660 square meters and is equipped with relatively advanced and precise instruments with a total value of 52,760 yuan, which can engage in basic theory and application development research. For many years, solid work has been carried out in the aspect of photovoltaic materials and solar cells, ultraviolet photoelectron devices, information photon storage and photoelectric material design and computer simulation. The laboratory is capable of performing talent training and academic accumulation, thereby establishing its own research model, obtaining good research results, and forming its own research characteristics.

Laboratory features

Based on physics and electronic science and technology, the laboratory combines the theoretical and experimental methods of physics and electronics with new materials, new energy technology and new photoelectric devices, thereby carrying out the in-depth research on solar photovoltaic materials and solar cells, optical information storage materials and technologies, and ultraviolet photovoltaic devices. Nowadays it is directing physics and electronics research to the main battlefield of our national economy and focusing on serve economic and social development. These are not only significant achievements of the laboratory in recent years, but also an outstanding feature in the scientific research field.