Self-Assessment Meeting of Optical Engineering Degree Program Held in School of Physics and Electronics

publish date:  05/27/2018 06:46 PM

On April 14th, our institute held an assessment meeting for the master-accredited field in first-level discipline of optical engineering in conference room 311, building A. Assessment panel includes the group leader of Yuan Xiaocong, professor of Shenzhen university, the cheung kong scholars, the state council degree committee members of the discipline appraisal group, and group members of professor Qiu Min,the director of the national laboratory of the modern optical instrument of Zhejiang university, national excellent youth and the dean of the faculty of physics and microelectronics science, professor Wen Shuangchun from the Hunan university, national excellent youth, researcher Zhou Changhe from Shanghai institute of optical precision machinery, Chinese academy of sciences, researcher Zeng Zhi, the deputy director of the Hefei solid material science research institute, director of the center for calculation of Chinese academy of sciences. Leaders from the graduate school, our college and related disciplines, and representatives of teachers and students attended the assessment meeting.

Party committee secretary of postgraduate work, director of the office of graduate student education management Xu Shuyao expressed the sincere thanks and warm welcome to experts for their hard-working in guidance of the construction of the master-accredited field of optical engineering degree. He said, the support from "double top" discipline construction in colleges and universities is both the opportunity and the pressure for the development of Henan university, and the qualification evaluation work of master-accredited field is highly valued by our university, and hopes the experts can put forward valuable suggestions and comments for the subject construction and rapid development of the college.

College dean, the optical engineering discipline leader of Prof. Gu Yuzong reported the construction of teacher team, direction set of disciplines, engineering graduate student training, etc. The group members of assessing experts listened the the report, participated the discussions with the representatives of teachers and students, and collected the suggestions and opinions of teachers and students.

By means of listening reports, field trips and discussion with teachers and students, the expert group has fully understood the basic situation of the awarding point of master's degree in optical engineering of Henan university and formed the evaluation opinions. Experts believe that our optical engineering around the advanced optical functional materials and devices and applications development study, the characteristic, the training objectives of enrollments, discipline direction setting, training scheme and talent cultivation system are feasible, reasonable, and perfect. The evaluating plan is complete and consistent through the qualified evaluation. The expert group put forward some suggestions on the further construction and development of the degree awarding point of optical engineering.

Targeting the issues raised by the assessment experts, the relevant discipline leaders and academic backbone of the institute were summoned for centralized discussion, consensus was achieved for the future construction work, such as special focuses on development, gradual strengthening of the rectification, comprehensive improvement of the quality of graduate education, and further promotion in the construction of "double top".